Gorilla Grippers

The Roughneck Gorilla Gripper is a safe and easy way to grip, lift and carry all types of sheet materials, doors and worktops. Made from aircraft quality aluminium with special rubber gripping pads. Soft-grip cushioned handle with 3 available sizes (up to 19mm, 10mm to 28mm and 32mm to 50mm) to handle the majority of board and door thicknesses. It significantly reduces stress and potential injuries to your back, shoulder, neck, hands and fingers. A must product for those handling large cumbersome boards and doors on a daily basis.  Manufactured in the USA.

There is a weight limit of 90Kg (198lb) for this product!
*Please consider your own health and safety and do not attempt to lift objects that are too heavy for you to carry*

32-600 General Purpose 0-19mm (0- 3/4")
32-610 Contractors 10-28mm (3/8"- 1 1/8")
32-620 Door Gripper 32-50mm (1 1/4"- 2")

Lifting large boards the old fashioned way places strain on the back and wrist with possible resulting injury.

Take the pain and strain out of carrying cumbersome large sheets. Such as plasterboard, MDF, plywood, hardboard, chipboard, OSB, aluminium, and other sheet metal etc.

Video Demonstration