Picks & Mattocks

The Roughneck picks and mattocks heads are made from rolled forged alloy steel, hardened and tempered with black painted finish. All single sets are supplied with one head and one double injected fibreglass handle, whereas the twin set is supplied with one 2.27kg Pick Axe head and one 2.27kg Cutter Mattock head and two double injected fibreglass handles. The fibreglass handles have a solid core and a polypropylene jacket.


Pick Mattock

Pointed tip at one end and cutting blade at the other. Ideal for cutting roots and breaking up soil.

Cutter Mattock

Cutting blades at both ends. Ideal for breaking up soft ground and cutting out tree roots.

Pick Axes

Pointed tip at one end and a narrow cutting blade at the other. Ideal for breaking up hard and stony ground.

Twin Set

Supplied with 1 x 2.27Kg Pick, 1 x 2.27Kg Cutter Mattock.

64-104 2 x 2.27kg (5lb) Twin Set
64-152 2.27kg (5lb) Pick Mattock
64-252 2.27kg (5lb) Cutter Mattock
64-352 2.27kg (5lb) Pick Axe
64-357 3.18kg (7lb) Pick Axe

Instruction Manual:

64-104, 64-152, 64-252, 64-352, 64-357- Picks & Mattocks- Instruction Manual