Gorilla Gripper Advantage

The Gorilla Gripper Advantage has the same design, application and large double injected soft-grip as the original Gorilla Grippers but has the added advantage of being more competitively priced. Made from fibre reinforced nylon, it grips and lifts all sheet materials including all types of boards or sheet metal. It is also ideal for gripping the tops of large bags to carry sand, gravel, animal feed etc. Manufactured in the USA.

The Ingenious design means the two parallel pads grip the sheet material safely and securely. The weight of the material acts as a locking mechanism.

There is a weight limit of 45Kg (99lb) for this product!
*Please consider your own health and safety and do not attempt to lift objects that are too heavy for you to carry*

32-630 0-19mm (0- 3/4")

Lifting large boards the old fashioned way places strain on the back and wrist with possible resulting injury.

Take the pain and strain out of carrying cumbersome large sheets. Such as plasterboard, MDF, plywood, hardboard, chipboard, OSB, aluminium, and other sheet metal etc.

Video Demonstration