Gorilla Bonsai Bars

The Gorilla Bonsai Bars are made from high quality steel, drop forged hardened and tempered. Powder coated with polished tips. They both feature a magnetic head with a flat heel which can be struck with a hammer.

We offer two models in this range one with a regular claw tip and the other with an extra wide tip. Which is ideal for removing mouldings, architraves, picture rails and skirting boards without damaging the surrounding surface.


Wide Tip Gorilla Bonsai Bar

Extra wide tip for removing mouldings, architraves etc. Without damaging the surrounding surfaces

Gorilla Bonsai Bar

Regular claw tip for removing nails

Magnetic Head

Both Bonsai Bars have magnetic heads

Flat Heel

They both feature a flat heel on the head which can be struck with a hammer

64-511 254mm (10") Extra Wide
64-513 254mm (10") Claw