Gorilla Splitting Mauls™


Roughneck wood cutting and splitting tools are widely recognised and respected in their product category. The range includes wood wedges, axes and mauls, all featuring a construction or head made from steel that has been drop forged as well as heat treated and hardened.

Roughneck Hollow Handle Axes help to maintain Roughneck’s reputation for pioneering new innovations in hand tool design. By employing a hollow rather than solid handle, these tools enable greater swinging velocities to be achieved with noticeable benefits at the point of impact.

The Roughneck Logger’s Mate makes cutting logs, branches, timber, fence posts and other similar items with chainsaws and bow saws simpler and safer. It is constructed from lightweight, ultra-durable steel as well as supplied ‘flat-packed’ for maximum portability and ease of storage.

The Roughneck Wood Grenade® is probably the best known wood wedge in the market with it’s explosive force in log splitting.