A major European distributor of hand tools and work wear


Olympia Tools was established in the UK almost 20 year ago. Since those early days, we have grown to become a major European, trade only distributor of hand tools and workwear which now offers quite literally hundreds of products under a variety of brand names. We owe our success to a number of different factors with one of the most crucial being our unrelenting focus on innovation.

Whilst we acknowledge that the fundamental design of many hand tools has been proven over decades or even centuries, we also recognise that opportunities for enhancement and improvement can and still do exist.

New advances and innovations can be still found in a range of tool-related areas such as ergonomics designs, material science and production methods. As a result, we pursue an active programme of new product research and development and our portfolio continues to evolve and diversify all the time.

High quality hand tools and work wear. High quality service and support.


Olympia Tools aims to provide high quality products backed by equally high levels of service and support. Our team are here to help and can offer expert advice and recommendations based on their considerable experience of meeting the hand tool and workwear needs of customers of varying sizes and involved a variety of market sectors.

To ensure we can respond quickly and efficiently to your needs, Olympia Tools also operates from two sites across Europe – our head office and main showrooms in Reading, United Kingdom and a second, sales office in Germany.

Good stock availability across our hand tool and work wear range


At Olympia Tools, we strive to offer customers impressive reliability of supply, even during times of peak or unexpected demand.

To ensure we can respond quickly to your needs Olympia Tools operates from head offices and showrooms in Reading, United kingdom. As well as a state of the art and technology distribution centre in the West midlands.

These facilities include a brand new, high capacity warehouse in central England which is equipped with state-of-the-art technology to ensure the utmost accuracy in terms of order picking and fulfilment as well as stock control.