Product Safety Information


 10 year Guarantee

10 Year Guarantee

At Olympia Tools, we take great pride in the quality of our tools and are pleased to offer very generous guarantee terms. Until recently we offered a Lifetime guarantee. However in order to comply with the regulation in some of the European countries, we are obliged to revise the terms and now offer a 10 years guarantee. This being understood is 10 years from user buying the product.

Our 10 years or lifetime warranty is for the material and workmanship of the product and does not include normal wear and tear that a product undergoes during its lifetime. The warranty does not apply to consumable products, or products with naturally wearable parts, such as wire or bristle on brushes. Any kind of misuse of the product will void this guarantee.

In case of a claim please contact us via the form on the CONTACT US page. Click here to go to the form.

We will, at our option, promptly repair or replace any unit found to be defective under normal use, without charge for parts or labour.


Contractor logo

Contractor Grade

All our products are produced to contractor grade.


Tri man


Packaging can be recycled

Green Dot

Green Dot

We contribute towards the recovery and recycling of packaging

Card recycled

Card Recycled

The cardboard packaging has been made from recycled card

plastic recycled

Plastic Recycled

The plastic packaging has been made from recycled plastic

Recycle paper

Paper Recycled

The paper packaging has been made from recycled paper

Recycled Material

Recycled Material

The packaging has been made from recycled material





Safety goggles should be warn



Protective gloves should be warn




Protective footwear should be warn



Protective helmet should be warn

no under 16


Product should only be operated by and adult over 16 years old

do not strike

Do not Strike


check for cracks

Check For Cracks

Do not use product if cracks found

check for mushrooming

Check For Mushrooming

Do not use product if mushrooming found



CE Certified

Product has been tested and certified that it meets EU safety, health or environmental requirements


REACH Certified

Product has been tested and certified that it meets REACH chemical standards.

GS            GS1          GS-VPA

GS Certified

Product has been tested and certified that it meets GS (German safety) requirements. This mark is recognised throughout the EU

Drop forged2

Drop Forged

Made from drop forged steel for strength and durability

Heat treated2

Heat Treated

Steel has been heat treated to give it extra rigidity and strength

Powder Coated2

Powder Coated

Steel has been powder coated to protect rusting and erosion

Wide Jaw2

Wide Jaw

Product has a wide jaw

Polished tips2

Polished Tips

Product has polished tips

Low profile2

Low Profile


Chrome vanadium

Chrome Vanadium

Made from Chrome Vanadium Steel which is strong and more resistant to abrasion, oxidation, and corrosion

Chrome molibdenum

Chrome Molybdenum

Made from the highest quality Chrome Molybdenum Steel which is provides extra strength

chrome plated

Chrome Plated

Provides extra strength to the steel


Carbon steel

Carbon Steel

Made from strong Carbon steel

B Solid Fibreglass

Solid Fibreglass

B Hollow fibreglass

Hollow Fibreglass


heavy duty

Heavy Duty


Light weight2



Magnetic tip black & white

Magnetic Tips



Aircraft logo

Aircraft Quality


RNK Icon_Slip Resistance SMALL

Shock Absorption

Extra thick heel and tread allow for shock absorption. Maintains traction even on slippery surfaces

RNK Icon_Oil resistant SMALL RNK Icon_Chemical Resistant SMALL

Oil & Chemical Resistant

The soles of our safety boots are coated making them oil and chemical resistant, for your safety and long lasting life.

RNK Icon_Steel Toe Caps SMALL

Steel Toe Caps

Tested and approved to EN Test CE EN ISO 20345 2011. Steel toe caps as standard. 200 joules.

RNK Icon_Kevlar Midsoles SMALL

Pierce Resistant Sole

A unique Kevlar composite mid sole offers the same pierce resistance as steel but is lighter and more ergonomic.

RNK Icon_Pierce Resistant SMALL RNK Icon_Heat Resistant SMALL

Penetration & Heat Resistant

The soles of all our safety boots are penetration resistant and heat resistant from 120 to 300°c


RNK Icon_Pockets SMALL

Button up pockets

RNK Icon_Zip Pockets SMALL

Zip up pockets

RNK Icon_Phone Pockets SMALL

Phone pockets

RNK Icon_Lightweight SMALL


RNK Icon_Slim fit SMALL

Fitted cut

RNK Icon_Toggled draw cord SMALL

Toggled draw cord

RNK Icon_Buttons SMALL

Button up

RNK Icon_Kneepad Pockets SMALL

Knee pad pockets

RNK Icon_Draw cord SMALL

Draw cord

RNK Icon_Hard base SMALL

Hard base

RNK Icon_Reflective materials SMALL

Reflective materials


Plastic clips


YKK zip

RNK Icon_Hook and loop SMALL

Hook and loop

RNK Icon_Waterproof SMALL


RNK Icon_Wicks away moisture SMALL

Wicks Away Moisture

RNK Icon_Attached hood SMALL

Attached Hood


Metal Clip

RNK Icon_Triple stitched SMALL

Triple Stitched

RNK Icon_Water resistant SMALL

Water Resistant

RNK Icon_Wind proof SMALL

Wind Proof

RNK Icon_Reinforced eyelets SMALL

Reinforced Eyelets

RNK Icon_Handsaw sleeve SMALL

Handsaw Sleeve

RNK Icon_30kg max capacity SMALL

30 Kilo Maximum Capacity