Vintage Axes and Maul

The Roughneck Vintage Axes and Maul handles are made from Genuine American Hickory, FSC® 100% certified. The vintage hickory has been smoke treated for moisture resistance and is fixed to the head with a steel wood wedge for a very secure and safe fixing.

Meanwhile the heads are made from high quality alloy steel, heat treated and tempered for longevity. They have been fully polished with clear lacquer for anti- rust protection and have a sharp edge for easy cutting.


Genuine American Hickory, FSC® 100%

Sharp edge for easy cutting

Head and handle fixed with steel and wood wedge for high security

Each head is made from high quality alloy steel

65-670 Hand Axe 0.6kg (1 1/4lb) 0.83kg (1 3/4lb) 360 mm
65-671 Hand Axe 0.8Kg (1 3/4lb) 1.02Kg (2 1/4lb) 380 mm
65-672 Hand Axe 1Kg (2 1/4lb) 1.20Kg (2 3/4lb) 395 mm
65-673 Axe 1.25Kg (2 3/4lb) 1.93Kg (4 1/4lb) 695 mm
65-675 Axe 1.6kg (3 1/2lb) 2.35Kg (5 1/4lb) 800 mm
65-678 Splitting Maul 2Kg (4 1/4lb) 2.72Kg (6lb) 695 mm