Thanks to their quality, performance, ease of use and durability, Olympia Tools products have become a preferred choice for both the professional and DIY user. Our portfolio of hand tools caters for the widest range of needs and includes specialist solutions for construction, roofing, flooring, fencing, landscaping, forestry, demolition and much more. Across our entire range, all our products are manufactured with a firm focus on the highest standards and a strong commitment to continued innovation and intelligent design.

Bolt Cutters

Whatever your bolt cutter requirements, Olympia Tools is perfectly placed to meet them. Our range includes Olympia Tools Bolt Cutters which remain a popular choice with users looking for a tried and trusted solution. We also offer premium and next generation Roughneck Bolt Cutters which deliver the combined benefits of being both high strength and lightweight.

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Bow Saws

Roughneck bow saws set new standards in areas such as safety, durability, ergonomics and overall effectiveness. Specific features include a heavy-duty tubular steel construction and a carefully considered, large oval frame cross section which helps to ensure maximum durability and rigidity.

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The Roughneck hand tools range includes a comprehensive choice of clamps manufactured to the highest specifications and ideally suited to countless different applications. Products available include our class leading Roughneck Power Clamp which exerts an impressive clamping force of 150kg.

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Collapsible Cones

Sold under the Work Gear® brand, our collapsible cones fold flat for greater ease of transport and storage. They are ideal for a wide range of interior and exterior applications, from reserving car parking spaces to cordoning off areas or protecting work sites.

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Demolition And Lifting Bars

Roughneck demolition and lifting bars are exclusive products developed to our own unique design. Their innovative shape enables users to save time and energy as well as to reduce the risk of injury when lifting floorboards, removing ceiling panels, breaking pallets or carrying out numerous other tasks.

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Fencing Tools and Post Hole Diggers

The Roughneck range includes a comprehensive selection of tools for creating fencing post holes and for driving wooden fence posts into the ground. Products available include a post maul with a cast iron head and double injected fibreglass handle as well as a tubular steel post rammer with large handles and a reinforced top.

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Files and Rasps

Olympia Tools offers a wide choice of files and rasps covering various sizes and profile types. All products are double cut on both sides as well as single cut on their edges. They also benefit from blades made from high carbon steel as well as ergonomic soft grip handles.

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Foam Guns

Designed with the professional user in mind, Roughneck foam guns benefit from large, sturdy metal bodies and comfortable contoured grips that make them ideal for use over sustained working periods. Their ability to create a secure seal with any inserted can also helps to reduce wastage by keeping foam usable for longer.

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Gorilla Bars®

The Roughneck Gorilla Bars® are one of the best known and best quality wrecking bars on the market. They are manufactured from high quality railway steel, drop forged, hardened and tempered. Powder coated with polished tips. The special features of the gorilla bars® are their oval shaped shank, low profile claws which fit further under the work piece for increased prying power and the wide claw surface which offers better control and resists sinking into the support area.

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Gorilla Grippers and Lifting Tools

Roughneck Gorilla Grippers typify our commitment to intelligent product design. These innovative products simplify the challenge of carrying large items such as doors, worktops and sheet material, and can turn a two person task into a one person, single-handed task.

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Gorilla Sledge Hammers™

The Roughneck Gorilla Sledge Hammers™ have been exclusively designed and developed by Olympia Tools (UK) Ltd. They are precision forged from high carbon steel. Each sledge hammer features a dome shaped striking point for exerting concentrated force. They also have a larger than normal striking face with chamfered edge for general use. These hammers side striking faces are not hardened and are designed for striking wooden fence posts. The shock absorbing TPE grip handle is designed for maximum comfort with an end of handle hole for use with a lanyard if required. Both the dome-shaped striking point and striking face are induction heat treated for hardness.

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Hammers And Mallets

Roughneck hammers are widely recognised for their high quality construction and levels of technical innovation. The range includes a comprehensive selection of products to meet almost any need. All products feature polished heads made from premium grade steel alloy which has been drop, forged, hardened and tempered.

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Handsaws and Hacksaws

The Roughneck handsaws and hacksaws have been developed to provide a faster and more accurate cut. True, professional quality products, they are made from premium grade, technically advanced materials. They also employ handles designed and manufactured to maximise long-term user comfort as well as safety.

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Laminate Flooring Tools

The Roughneck hand tools range includes products specifically designed to help with the task of installing laminate flooring. From the Roughneck laminate cutter to the Roughneck pull bar, these tools deliver numerous benefits thanks to their heavy-duty construction and widespread use of premium grade materials.

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Masonry Tools, Punches and Chisels

Roughneck offers high quality solutions to a range of masonry needs. Our masonry punches, chisels and wider tools have all been carefully developed to offer impressive benefits in areas such as performance, safety or value.

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Measuring Tools

Aimed at the professional user, Roughneck measuring tools offer exceptional ease of use, durability and measuring accuracy. Specific products available include Roughneck E-Z read tape measures which benefit from non-slip, shockproof rubber cases, rustproof nylon coated blades and powerful brakes to hold extended blades in place.

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Mortar and Caulking Guns

Roughneck mortar and caulking guns remain a firm favourite both with trade users and with the ever-growing number of stockists that carry these products. The range includes the Roughneck Ultimate Mortar Gun, which sets new standards for its versatility, thrust ratio and durable construction. It also features the Roughneck Brick Mortar Gun, a highly effective tool that doubles as a grouting gun.

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Mutts®, Floor Scrapers and Tampers

Whether you’re tamping a substrate prior to laying paving or looking for a floor scraper to help remove dirt, grease or other debris from a surface, Roughneck has a product to meet your needs. Our range includes our famous MUTT® (Multiple Use Tough Tool) - a tool with uses limited only by the imagination. It is ideal for chopping, scraping, digging, edging, trenching and much more.

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Picks and Mattocks

Roughneck picks and mattocks offer increased ease of use with maximum durability. Their double injected fibreglass handles help to reduce weight and increase swinging speeds - ultimately resulting in higher striking forces. They also feature high quality forged heads which have been hardened and tempered.

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Plate Vices

Roughneck plate vices provide a go anywhere, grip almost anything means of holding various materials whilst they’re cut, drilled, measured, ground, filled or otherwise worked on. Offering comparable performance to a traditional bench or vice in a lightweight and highly portable format, they are ideal for use wherever space is limited – such as on rooftops, in lofts or on most modern building sites.

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Power Grip® Wrenches

Our Power Grip® wrenches are designed for singlehanded operation and are particularly useful when working in confined spaces. Two variants are available – a Power Grip® Nut Wrench and a Power Grip® Pipe Wrench. Both versions benefit from self-adjusting Cam-Action jaw mechanisms for optimum gripping power and a construction from laminated steel for impressive strength with a lighter weight.

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The Roughneck range includes a number of rakes for various applications. Specific products available include a tarmac rake with welded round teeth as well as an asphalt rake with forged flat teeth. Both these products feature an all steel construction.

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Roofing Tools

The comprehensive range of Roughneck hand tools includes a number of products to meet the specialist needs of slaters and roofing contractors.

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Roughneck screwdrivers combine exceptional performance, impressive user comfort and strong merchandising possibilities in one product. As well as blades made from S2 steel, which has been hardened and tempered, these products feature triple injected soft-grip handles. All handles are also uniform in size regardless of tool size or drive. This ensures improved visual impact at the point of sale.

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Shovels and Forks

Roughneck shovels and forks enjoy widespread recognition for their levels of technical innovation and high quality construction. The range includes a number of products for specialist applications such as trenching and drainage shovels as well as mini and micro tools for use in confined spaces.

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Sledge hammers

Olympia Tools enjoys an enviable reputation for supplying high quality, high performance sledge hammers. We remain an industry innovator in this particular striking tools category and offer a number of standard setting or even revolutionary products which are sold under our Roughneck brand. This includes the Roughneck Gorilla Sledge Hammer™ which sets a new benchmark in performance thanks to an innovative design where ‘the shape makes the difference’.

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Spirit Levels

Roughneck professional spirit levels deliver both form and function. They combine a number of innovative and performance enhancing features, such as an extra wide body and an ultra-wide precision milled working face, in one attractive and well-designed product.

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Thorsen® Tie Downs and Bungees

Olympia Tools offers a wide range of bungee cords, buckles and tie downs. These products are sold under the widely recognised and widely respected Thorsen® brand.

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Wire Brushes

The Roughneck range of hand tools includes wire brushes for every trade application. Numerous different shapes and wire fills are available with all brushes benefiting from TPR soft-grip handles for optimum user comfort.

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Wood Chisels

Roughneck wood chisels offer all the quality and performance of a true craftsman’s product but at a more accessible price. Their impressive features include a blade made from high quality, drop forged chrome vanadium for greater longevity as well as a tang that runs the full length of the tool - including through the contoured handle.

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Wood Cutting and Splitting

Roughneck wood cutting and splitting tools are widely recognised and respected in their product category. The range includes wood wedges, axes and mauls, all featuring a construction or head made from steel that has been drop forged as well as heat treated and hardened.

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Wrecking Bars And Crowbars

The Roughneck range of wrecking bars is one of the best-known and highest quality on the market today. All the bars are made from hardened and tempered drop forged alloy steel.

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Turns A Two Person Job Into A One Person, Single Handed Job

Designed to grip, lift and carry large sheets of material without bending your back or using your fingers. Made in the USA from aircraft aluminium or fibre reinforced polymer.

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Diamond shape splits the log in 4 directions

Probably the best known wood wedge in the market, with it's explosive force in log splitting.

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Designed For Single Handed Operations

The cam- Action jaw mechanism is self-adjusting to increase gripping pressure. Laminated steel construction provides strength and makes it lightweight. Particularly useful in confined spaces.

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Roughneck Gorilla Utility Bar

Made from hardened and tempered alloy steel with an ‘I’ section profile which offers superior strength. It incorporates a flat anvil on the neck for striking and an integral nail puller

Roughneck Concrete Chisel & Gorilla Club Hammer

Both these new items are made from the highest quality materials and both boast unique features.