The best of old and new. The new Roughneck Vintage Axe range combines a traditional appearance with cutting edge performance.

Axes with timeless appeal

Olympia Tools has launched a new product range which combines the best of old and new. In line with its commitment to meeting the needs of tool users involved in construction, forestry, agriculture, landscaping and many other sectors, the business has recently introduced a new selection of ‘vintage’ axes.

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The best bar none. The new Roughneck Gorilla Bar Pro™ from Olympia Tools is an enhanced version of its Roughneck Gorilla Bar® – already one of the best wrecking bars on the market.

Roughneck raises the bar

Olympia Tools is building on the success of one of its bestselling product lines. The business, which distributes hand tools and workwear under its Roughneck brand, has launched a next generation version of its highly popular and well respected Roughneck Gorilla Bar

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Part of the Roughneck mini and micro tools range, the Roughneck Micro shovel is ideal for use in confined space as the bottom of trenches

Roughneck mini and micro tools. A big hit in small spaces

Through our Roughneck and other brands, Olympia Tools isn't just committed to offering high quality hand tools and workwear. We're also focused on developing innovative solutions to common trade and industry challenges. Few products perhaps demonstrate this more than our mini and micro range.

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Perfect for pallets. Olympia Tools is simplifying the task of dismantling pallets with the launch of its new Roughneck Pallet Buster.

Roughneck launches new Pallet Buster

Olympia Tools is helping to simplify the task of dismantling wooden pallet. The business has introduced a new Roughneck Pallet Buster. This product builds on the success of the Roughneck Demolition and Lifting Bar and employs a number of enhancements which make it especially suited to its intended application.

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How the Roughneck Safety Shovel prevents the dangers of striking hidden utilities when digging.

The Roughneck Safety Shovel. A lifesaving innovation

The Roughneck Safety Shovel is a must for any individual or organisation who faces the need to carry out excavation work. Developed in conjunction with a contractor, this innovative tools benefits from a number of features which can reduce the potentially life threatening risk of striking hidden utilities when digging.

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