Olympia Tools is a dynamic ‘one-stop’ supplier able to provide answers to the widest range of hand tool and workwear needs. Our comprehensive portfolio of products is made up of a number of different brands. Each of these brands has its own distinct focus and advantages whilst sharing certain key attributes in common. These common attributes include exceptional levels of quality, impressive ease of use and the ability to deliver many years of lasting performance.


With a strong and global reputation for quality, performance and technical innovation, Roughneck® is our flagship brand. This range of premium products caters for the needs of both the professional and committed DIY user. It includes heavy-duty construction, landscaping and demolition tools as well as a growing selection of workwear.

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To complement our other brands, Olympia-Tools® offers a number of own branded products. This range includes tools such as files, rasps and bolt cutters and provides stockists and end-users alike with a value option. All products combine high quality and durability with a highly competitive price point.

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Olympia Tools offers a range of automotive focused products under the Thorsen® brand. These products - which include bungee cords, tie downs and accessories - are all manufactured to high and consistent levels of quality.

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Work Gear®

Olympia Tools offers a range of versatile and highly functional products for use in offices, warehouses and other non-construction specific environments. These products are sold under our Work Gear brand and include items such as hand trucks, collapsible traffic cones and storage solutions.

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Gorilla Bars®

Gorilla Bar® is perhaps the world’s most recognised and respected wrecking bar brand. Gorilla Bars® owe their success to their use of premium grade material and to a design where ‘the shape makes the difference’. An innovative oval shank and a wide, low profile claw ensure more precise control as well exceptional prying power.

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Gorilla Sledge Hammers™

Roughneck Gorilla Sledge Hammers™ is a unique brand of sledge hammers developed exclusively by Olympia Tools. Like the Gorilla Bar®, Gorilla Sledge hammers also benefit from an intelligent design where ‘the shape makes the difference’. The use of a revolutionary domed face enables much higher striking forces to be achieved compared to traditional sledge hammers with a more commonplace flat face.

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The Mutt®

The MUTT® is our Multiple Use Tough Tool. Available with a choice of handles featuring different materials and in varying lengths, these products have uses limited only by the imagination. They are ideal for everything from chopping and scraping to digging, edging and trenching.

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Wood Grenade®

One of the best-known brands of wood wedge on the market today, the Wood Grenade® owes its popularity and success, as well as its name, to its truly ‘explosive’ log splitting force. A diamond shaped cross-section combined with a spherical striking face (which ensures a centred and efficient blow) enables the Wood Grenade® to split logs quickly, efficiently and easily.

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Power Grip®

Power Grip® is an innovative brand of pipe and nut wrenches. These products use advanced materials enabling them to be lighter than traditional wrenches but without any compromise on strength or performance. They also have an intelligent design which enables singlehanded operation. This makes them particularly suited for use in confined spaces or work areas.

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An Extensive Range of Sizes and Sets

S2 steel, hardned and tempered blades for durability and triple injected soft-grip handles for comfort

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Diamond shape splits the log in 4 directions

Probably the best known wood wedge in the market, with it's explosive force in log splitting.

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Cover Up From the Elements

Our jackets and wind blocker fleece have been specifically designed with water and wind resistant materials, enabling you to stay dry and warm in style.

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Roughneck Gorilla Bar Pro

Extremely strong but lightweight bar, with polished tips & top. Precision angled V slot for pulling nails quickly & effortlessly

Roughneck Pallet Buster

New angled head, longer handle & integral nail puller. Makes light work of demolishing all types of pallets